Published on May 05, 2018


Mark DeMontis is your Ontario PC Candidate for York South-Weston.

He was born and raised in this riding and is deeply passionate about improving the lives of his fellow residents. Under the Liberal government, life has become more difficult and expensive for residents; people want more, the residents of York South-Weston need more. This election offers the people of York South-Weston an opportunity to make a change and make a real difference. Mark DeMontis wants to rebuild York South-Weston into a safe and prosperous community for all its residents.

Mark’s priorities are:

  1. REDUCE CRIME - Work in tandem with the police, community groups, and local leaders to find practical and technological measures to improve safety and reduce gun violence
  2. IMPROVE TRANSIT - Campaign for improving existing transit infrastructure that serves our residents INCREASE
  3. ACCESSIBILITY- Advocating for universal accessibility to all residents, young and old, to promote inclusivity in our community  in areas such as transit, infrastructure, and crime





Upcoming  Events

May 12th 9am until 3pm

2030 Weston Road



Please join us for a block party as we celebrate a new vision for York South-Weston at the Mark DeMontis campaign office! The office is located in the heart of Weston Village.

We'll have food, soft drinks, great music and of course, Mark will be here with a very special guest who loves York South-Weston just as much as he does.

We are gearing up for a productive election campaign through identifying supporters, meeting with stakeholders and community associations, as well as getting Mark in front of thousands of York South-Weston residents who are eager for a new vision for their community. As we head into the most important election in provincial history - and the more intensive part of the campaign - we'd love to showcase our community strength with a big turnout at our office open house.

Getting Involved in the community

Mark values running a community driven, grassroots campaign. In order to coordinate this initiative we need your help.

Donate / Volunteer

Every dollar will stay inside the community and go directly towards crucial aspects of the campaign, such as the high demand for lawn signs. All donations come at a minimal cost to you; for every $50 you will receive $37.50 back as a tax receipt. Your $50 donation only costs you $12.50 and would contribute 10 lawn signs. Any donation is appreciated 



May 2018

(416) 407-9149

Mark’s Efforts in the Community

York South-Weston Audit Report

In accordance with the provincial goal of making Ontario fully accessible by 2025, and Mark’s goal of creating proactive and inclusive crime reduction strategies in our community, Mark will be working with independent advisory committees in order to ensure our community is safe,


functional and fully accessible for all residents. “Guaranteeing that our built environment is functioning efficiently as well as serving our residents is crucial, and if they are not, we will fix those issues.” Mark will work with Adaptability Canada to do an accessibility audit of the Rockport development at 22 John Street and then the Crosstown LRT stop in Mount Dennis will be audited by Toronto Facilities Management and Toronto Accessibility Advisory Committee; however, every area in the community will be audited to ensure they can be fully accessible in all ways, by all residents and visitors.

Leadership For and From the People

We are also happy to announce that Mark will be creating two non-partisan advisory committees to allow the community to participate in the political process. The first will be a Youth Advisory Policy Committee (YAPC) which will focus on youth political engagement and empowerment. The second York South-Weston Advisory Policy Committee (APC) will focus on the community as a whole, and will be an important initiative that allows community members and expert advisors to join together in a forum which will drive change and development in their community by working directly beside their MPP. The committees facilitated by Mark DeMontis will take a hands on approach to collective community service. The APC and YAPC are intensive three-month community consultation processes to drive forward change, innovation, and development of provincial policy from the grassroots community members such as residents of York South-Weston, businesses that operate in York South-Weston and non-profit organizations. You will be able to join one of forty

committees based from the existing ministries or have the opportunity to create a new one by registering a minimum of five people to sit on your issue specific committee. Weekly updates will be sent out with respect to the topics progress. In addition, there will be meetings and telephone town hall calls with Mark for each committee to get updates, share ideas and ensure your voice is being heard.



Youth Empowerment Vision

gun violence affecting our community, it is paramount that we now, more then ever,  invest in young people to ensure they are equipped with the tools and opportunities to put them on the right path in life.  In November of 2017 Mark attended a Ward 11 community crime and safety meeting at Weston Memorial Junior Public school and last month he also attended a Ward 12’s Crime and Safety Meeting at the Amesbury Community Centre. His focus in these meetings was on the lack of opportunities for youth in the community, which is why he and his brother Luca have decided to start the much needed York South-Weston Basketball Association for all five neighborhoods from U-11 to U-17 as well as REP and even wheelchair basketball programs. Stay tuned for exciting details coming soon. Mark is also a patron of the arts and is dedicated to finding more ways to support Artscape in their mission of creating a vibrant creative community that stimulates economic revitalization and builds community pride and confidence.

Youth Association Establishment

incorporating the voices of youth in the community inspired James Fotak to found York South-Weston’s first Progressive Conservative Youth Association. This group brings together local youth who share a passion and drive to participate in civic engagement and become involved in their community. It is an exciting opportunity for the young members of York South-Weston to voice their ideas and become catalysts for change. We are actively seeking young members from the community to get involved and help facilitate change.

Earth Day Pledge

Sunday April 22nd 2018, Earth Day, Mark pledged to use water canteens instead of bottled water during this election campaign and has encouraged his volunteers to do the same. Mark realizes that the use of plastic bottles can create more waste and this waste usually negatively affects our ecosystem. Mark wants to keep York South-Weston clean and safe. Mark is committed to protecting the environment because it is important to him and our community.