Meet Mark

Mark DeMontis is a 31-year-old broadcaster, entrepreneur and speaker born and raised in Weston Village. He is currently the president of LHON- a sight saving research foundation.
Marks passion for advocacy came from his own adversity when In 2004, at the age of 17, he was diagnosed with LHON (Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy) resulting in a loss of over 70% of his vision. 
Despite this challenge, during his studies at Western University, Mark established himself as a leader by creating Courage Canada. Mark rollerbladed across the country to raise awareness and funds for Blind Hockey. His work has lead to over 1,000 boys and girls participating in Learn-to-Skate programs all across Canada. In 2016 Mark transitioned Courage Canada into the Canadian Blind Hockey Association.
Marks has hosted Sports Access, a national original TV program on Accessible Media for five seasons while continuing to support numerous advisory boards to promote accessibility. 
Mark DeMontis is passionate about helping his home community through three major principles, all guided with the overarching theme of accessibility for all.
  1. He will build an equitable crime reduction strategy by engaging both the community and the police
  2. He will work to reduce the burden of taxes and growing hydro rates. 
  3. He will encourage the development of infrastructure in York South-Weston to serve the  needs of residents
  4. He will ensure accountability for all members of Queen’s Park and eliminate the wasteful use of your tax dollars